How Apple uses Storytelling for Marketing


Apples storytelling marketing is what drives its presence towards its customers through its advertisements.

Apples marketing strategy is different from the rest of their competition, in the fact that it never stops.

The Eco-system that apple products have has always been the driving factor for apples marketing plans. With their products a user does not go one day without using their services / products.

Whether it be an iPhone or an iPad. Apples simplicity in design and user experience has made it so that the products can be used seamlessly.

Similarity in Design

Apple Products that are similar in design

As said earlier Apples marketing strategy, doesn’t start at advertisement. In fact, Apple spends less on running ad campaigns than most other Fortune 500 companies, in fact they spend $1.8Bn on advertising. Now, for most companies this is a big amount, but according to Nasdaqs article they spend $18.75Bn on RnD.

So, we can assure that Apple’s primary interest is not advertising, but rather to let the products sell themselves, Free of charge. This can only be achieved by tapping into the product usage requirements. An iPhone should be compact and go in your pockets, while your Macbook and iPad should be a big larger. Now, Apple is not a black magic company to create magical hats that you can deposit and withdraw objects from. So, they couldn’t do anything to change the sizes of the devices without limiting its needs.

But, they were able to make a breakthrough with their Software User Experience. Especially in their iOS and MacOS Operating Systems. By making the designs similar and not too far apart from each other. From a uniform App Launcher Icons design to a wide range of applications offered from the company that can be used seamlessly as well.

This level of Experience allows a user to feel comfort and also be excited about the wide range of products by a company. Rather, than only purchasing one of your products, by making the experience of your range of products similar. You can get your users hooked to your system.

How to tell a story

Ever wondered why an Apple Ad. never seemed like an advertisement at all. Well, they do that on purpose, here’s how.

Instead of talking about features, perks of usage and etc. Apple, capitalizes on how a user can use their products on a day-to-day basis. Even if the advertisement is not discussing what is the most cutting-edge technique apple has introduced for their devices. It gives you a peak at how your life would be with these features on the phone.

Especially, by using a diverse range of models they’re able to create a mirrored envisioning of their customers. Making the potential buyers think their in your advertisements, is the pinnacle that an advertisement can achieve. At this point, their basically sold on the product.

Genius Marketing

Apple Genius Bar Marketing by Customer Service

After the purchase of a product, your customers expect you to give a brilliant customer service, whether it be receiving complaints, suggestions or even technical problem solving.

The customer care service of your organization has to be, in fact more premium than the product you’re selling. Apples genius bar is full of professional helpers that assist the customers in sales, technical troubleshooting and a wide assortment of customer needs.

When your customers see that you’re responding well and creating a great atmosphere for discussions whether its your online discussions board, your discord server or even your Instagram post comments. They realize that you’re paying them as much attention as they’re giving you. This makes them trust your services even more and makes them want to shift over their entire consumption requirements over to you.

So, that’s why Apple has a wide range of limited products that help individuals with their entire process in life.


In this article we took a look at how apple uses their product Eco-system to allow its users to find a comfort zone within it. And by using this as an opportunity their marketing team has created highly creative and appealing advertisements that captivate the attentions of their users, not by showing-off features, new tech and etc.

But, rather by highlighting the adventurous nature of Apple users and how using an Apple device can make your life better and easier to handle. Along with this they also take into account the customer lifecycle. Where not just the initial sale, but also how you handle the service you give to the customers can help your products demands increase.

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