LinkedIn B2B Marketing Practices for Lead Generation


LinkedIn B2B Marketing has always been quite a difficult puzzle to solve, given that most people on the platform are using it for marketing as a whole.

And it’s quite a busy environment, but if there was a way to make yourself known, it would definitely be through proper content marketing.

In this article we’ll go through some best known ways on how to tackle LinkedIn for an enterprise.

Mobile Friendly Content

To captivate your audience with a proper Linkedin B2B Marketing plan. Start by using shorter text that directly conveys your message to your audience.

Make sure to highlight on key subjects and use your keywords, as quick and smoothly as possible.

Avoid overly cluttered text that doesn’t make sense until half-way through the sentence. Of course, its important to have a well descriptive post that gets your users to understand the context in which it is related to. But avoid making it too excessive.

Here’s an example post about an agencies case study on their clients growth using their marketing model:-

Passive Post Description

“Our organization ABC Agency was able to achieve an increment of X for client XYZ Company over the course of XX Months/Weeks/Year. Our BoostSales Marketing Model which specializes in targeting audiences for retail products, was able to achieve this sudden growth with the vast number of data we have collected. Find out how we did it here.”

Active Post Description

“XYZ is a retail company that specializes in selling electronics. ABC Agency was able to increase their revenue by X within XX Months/Weeks/Year with the use of our BoostSales Marketing Model, want to know how we did it, find out here“

The difference between both these post descriptions is that the first post is more generic.

The second post is not only unique but also active and outspoken. Even though both sentences are not that different in length. We were able to present the agencies achievement of growth with more information.

We also refrained from providing too much information about how our achievement was made to ensure that the user clicks and visits our site.

Why? Well, Marketing B2B in LinkedIn is great. But it doesn’t make sense if you don’t make a conversion on your leads right. So, we need to focus on creating a proper sales funnel on our site to convert their interests into a commitment.

LinkedIn Live Streams

Pushing your products through content and posts can be a bit more common and short in the story-telling element of your organization. But, we need to be able to convince our audiences of how our products and services can help them out.

So for a good LinkedIn B2B Marketing plan we need to establish a schedule of seminars and live sessions of product demonstrations and case studies of how our products work.

LinkedIn Live, gets 7 times more reactions on streams than posts and 24 times more comments as well.

With these numbers from LinkedIn we can pretty much identify the potential that streaming can bring to our organization.

Self-Defined Posts

Although it is true that visual data is more appealing for your audience. There’s also a possibility that there are many others posts within the LinkedIn recommendations of your users for B2B marketing.

BuzzSumo on their recent survey found out that out of the 10 million posts that are shared on LinkedIn. The most shared posts are informative and educational content.

And so we can clearly identify that LinkedIn social media users are information seekers. They wish to know more about the marketplace than anyone else and their primary interest is knowledge. But you cannot appeal to that audience without creating something that has a first-appearance appeal.

Here, we need to take a look at how our content is structured. We need to take some time and plan out the best content that we can create whether it is text-based or visual-based.

Since 57% of traffic to LinkedIn is mobile based, we also need to make sure that our content can be consumed by our audiences mobile phones.

If your content is oriented towards a specific demographic, let it show in your content. Make the text oriented towards what peeks your audiences interests.


Let’s take a look at some key facts that we shared during this post. We took a look at how mobile traffic is #1 on LinkedIn and how we need to orient our content to suite that traffic.

Not only do we need to make our content match the appeal of a mobile user, but, we also need the entire sales experience of our users to be appealing.

Make sure your organization website/sales page is rapid in giving out essential details to your visitors. You should be able to get the attention of your audiences in a shorter time span.

Also consider giving one-on-one or one-to-many sessions about your products and services. This allows you to target your customers’ needs on a more intimate basis, which can be very effective if you are selling a complex product.

If you are selling a product that is more straightforward, one-on-one sessions can be effective if you are selling to a large number of people, you could consider one-to-many sessions.

Finally, keep optimizing your strategy, success is not always in version 1. In fact, many great products have become so after thorough revamping. Keep coming back to your content marketing plan and optimizing your strategy, Good luck!

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