LinkedIn Text Ads : A Tool for B2B Marketing


LinkedIn Text Ads can be resourceful to find the right businesses that would buy or use your product. Since the beginning of LinkedIn advertisement, text ads have been prominent, but with LinkedIn’s recent push for visual display ads. Text Ads on LinkedIn have been heavily underutilized.

But, let me say something, Text Ads are a gold mine for b2b marketing. Firstly, any marketer looking to promote their product to other consumers and business executives should realize that literacy is crucial for most people in an executive position of a company.

So if your product is a service provider for a business, or if you provide consulting for businesses to grow. You’re in luck, text ads are the definite way to go with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Text Ads : The Underdog of B2B

Advertisers tend to not go for text ads because of the lack of attention it brings. But, this is exactly the reason why text ads matter, and will be our secret key for marketing.

Text ads are discreet and don’t interfere with the user experience of the users journey. LinkedIn is not Instagram or Tik-Tok, the users here are not looking for entertainment, but information. So, why would anyone pay attention to display ads. LinkedIn is a platform designed specifically for users who like to connect with other professions and it attracts the attention of those whom seek business opportunities.

But, this is not to say that job seekers and college grads, don’t use the platform. On the contrary, many of those who are seeking for possibilities to find opportunities online use LinkedIn as a well. And if your business is a B2C platform specifically targeting those consumers. Such as a Job Seeking or Online Learning Platform, you can utilize LinkedIn text ads as well.

Anyways, we’re here to discuss about B2B marketing, since LinkedIn is plausibly the best suited platform for such. We should be able to make use of the potential it brings for productive growth in organizations.

Non-Intrusive Attention Grabbing

LinkedIn Non Intrusive Ads on the Right Sticky Navbar Magnified for clarity, on a screenshot of the platform.

LinkedIn is for those who seek information, if you plan to advertise on the platform, you should know this. LinkedIn text ads work only for those whom provide facts over fiction. It’s very easy to grab the attention of a user by fancy animations and graphics, but you need to identify what their interests are to get their attention.

LinkedIn is different, and by that, what we mean is that every individual who uses LinkedIn is focused on fulfilling a purpose. Getting insights into information and finding resources with common interests.

Here are some key insights into how you can target your adverts to perform better:

  • Find your demographic (e.g. country, age, gender and etc)?
  • Area of expertise (e.g. do they work in I.T or H.R)
  • Professional Level (e.g. Executive, Mid-Level, Junior and etc)
  • Common Interests amongst most (e.g. Charity, Sports and other personal hobbies)
  • Duration of Employment (e.g. How long have they worked at a place)
  • Technical Expertise (e.g. Do they have certifications in computer technology)
  • Outliers (e.g. Have they worked in many versatile industries)
  • Common Connections (Have they all followed the same influencer, e.g. Elon Musk, Bill Gates and etc.)

If you’ve got the answers to these sorted, then you should be good to go with your advertisement. But before you begin creating Text Ads you should look into the specifications that LinkedIn recommends.

LinkedIn Text Ads: Expenditure

Text adverts are informational and controlling expenditure is essential if you want to grab the attention of an individual or group.

You should be able to fix an amount from your monthly/daily budget for LinkedIn advertisements, what we would recommend is to allocate at least 15-25% of your budget on LinkedIn if your focus is B2B Marketing right in the beginning.

The reason why the percentile is so low is due to the fact that the LinkedIn text ads advertisement algorithm has to recognize the patterns between its users and your advert, to recognize the most optimum impression count for it.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, LinkedIn advertisements needs to be non-intrusive. This means that it shouldn’t be too repetitive as well, repetition is of course key to grabbing attention, but it shouldn’t be annoying as well. So find the right course of deploying your adverts to meet the right audience in the perfect time.

LinkedIn Text Ads: Conversions

Conversion is quite tricky with LinkedIn, given that impressions can be heavy due to the fact that many might see your content in a given day.

Since, impressions count can sometimes overcloud the click through rate its best to keep a date range difference for each, such as a monthly views chart along with a weekly or daily click through rate (CTR) chart for comparison. This can provide you with proper visual insights to identify the growth rates of conversion and even downfalls.

If such a downfall of conversion were to take place it’s best to re-think your content through, you might have to even re-do your strategy. So try and fix a funneling method to grab feedback from your users to gain data and key information for advertisements.


So with most of the information in this article recommending LinkedIn Text Ads for B2B promoters, don’t forget that it also has possibilities to fulfill the desires for B2C marketers as well. Such as Job Marketplace Platform promoters and Online Education platform marketers.

But, the most fundamental principle of LinkedIn Advertisements, especially Text based is to give information, you’re only given a small attention span within the users feed experience to make them want to give you a second thought. So make it count, don’t abuse the system and make sure to match your expenses with your revenue, this makes sure to have a constant journey with the platform.

Consider using a KPI Reporting structure for your organization to make sure that you’re heading in the right direction.

Instead of just giving it a try, look to working with LinkedIn Advertisements in the long run. Go with the system and make your presence known in the community.

Good Luck in your journey ahead, all the best!

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