Product Listing Ads: Benefits of using Google Shopping


Product Listing Ads or PLAs can be a great addition to your e-commerce platform and has boosted sales in highly competitive industries.

You can use Google Shopping to advertise and sell your products to those who’re interested in buying your product. Google can produce multiple impressions and bring consumers to your website. But it doesn’t work well without understanding the platform.

Also, if your store is not capable of converting your leads to actual customers, the campaign would fail.

I’m going to go through some basic principles and approaches in marketing that you could use to utilize your product listing ads on the Google Shopping platform to convert your traffic to buyers.

What is a Product Listing Ad?

Similar to text-based adverts that you see on the Google Search Results Page (SERP). But instead of just displaying the text along with your keywords to the users, your advertisement would display your product.

Google utilizes users queries to match your product advertisement with, and so it ensures relevancy of your ad impression. Giving you the best routed impressions and clicks for your product catalog.

The benefits of using Product Listing Ads is the higher click through rate (CTR) it brings, because it contains necessary information.

A Search for 'Wacom Tablets' on Google Shopping displaying the product listing ads from retailers in the search page.

In the picture above you can see the products displayed on the top along with the price. This ensures that the users gain first impression of your product.

Also the reach of your audience can be constrained to your potential purchasers as well. You can use Product Listing Ads to promote to those who’d buy, but aren’t aware of your brand yet.

But, like every good thing out there, competition in Product Listing Ads are heavy and requires thorough research and planning to appropriately budget and create campaigns.

PLA Success Strategy

In order to make your product successful you would have to implement a well optimized product feed that are most relevant to your consumers.

While also being able to design and deploy a campaign structure to engage your audience from the very first impression. You need to optimize your product listing ads content and constantly make changes to your campaign structure to make sure it works.

In order to optimize your campaigns you also need to make sure that your reporting data is well structured. You can use tools such as Google Tag Manager to implement a traceable workflow to your users journey.

Your business should set goals for your product listing ads, there is no success in those who don’t plan. Setting up KPIs for your business is also beneficial and so is identifying the Return on Investment you get.

You can also use “Buy on Google”, where the user makes their purchase directly on Google and the order gets processed through from their end, which later gets transacted to you from Google. This can be beneficial to handle a “tough customer” that distrusts giving their credit card information on unknown e-commerce platforms.

Product Listing Ads and the benefits of using Google Shopping to boost sales is a productive measure for e-commerce stores to promote and grow their users. You can also make use of customers that make purchases on google of your products to target customers like them. Demographic and behavioral targeting is a popular practice amongst marketers and has led to incremental growth as well.

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