Selling your NFTs on Social Media


Your NFTs might be pretty popular already, but you’re losing the limelight that it could receive if it was promoted on Social Media.

This article doesn’t go to explain about NFTs or what they’re, if you want to know about NFTs. Here’s a decent place to find out.

Social Media can be tricky to promote products, mostly because there are elements that augment your buyers from the platform itself.

NFTs help take care of this, by introducing a platform for building a community of buyers and prospects together.

The Impact on Building a Community

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Collection

Building a community is not easy, as you may know Discord is the most popular social media platform that’s out there, which allows for a business to build a network of audiences.

But, when selling NFTs, just laying out a editorial calendar, and making seasonal/daily/weekly posts would not cut it.

If you’re selling NFTs on social media, it’s important to remember that the rules are different from traditional sales platforms.

First of all, there’s no direct way to sell NFTs on social media as of yet. Facebook and Instagram are experimenting with making an NFT marketplace, but as of yet, there’s no proper platform for this.

So how do you sell on Social Media? Well, here’s where your PR (Public Relations) skill will have to shine.

Although, Social Media doesn’t allow for the direct sale of an NFT, they do allow for building communities. This, is key for growing a business. As a community driven seller you’ll be selling the testimonials and the buzz of your buyers to your prospects.

These prospects, come in suspicion, they don’t want to buy from an unknown artist, but you can sell them with your talent.

Beginning to Infinity

Infinity Symbol created using Steelwool fire display

When kick starting your NFT selling business, as a creator or reseller. You’ll face many uncertainties. Especially, if budget is tight, you might not be able to even push your product outside.

But, there’s something that’s free which is always readily available. Which is Content Creation.

You can create content that educates your audience in the value of your NFT and the story behind the creation of it.

Create hype for the product, before selling it. And make sure to target the right audience when making your content as well.

You don’t want 92 year old Margaret watching your content from her retirement home. You need Jessica, 26 years old and an avid entrepreneur looking at your content.

Make sure to create legitimate content that takes root from your art style and that it represents your product well.

You’ll also want to give your audience access to feedback and opinions from both other collectors and experts in the field so that they can better understand the value of each piece in your collection.


If you’re promoting an NFT, it makes sense to use Twitter.

Why? First, Twitter is where many crypto influencers are active, so there’s a built-in audience of potential customers.

Second, engagement rates for Twitter posts tend to be higher than other platforms (on average), due to the brevity of most tweets.

Third, traffic is very high, though not as high as some other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, so there are plenty of people who could potentially see your posts.


When it comes to building a community there’s nothing like setting up your own Discord Server.

A simple discord invite can make your audience provide you with their intentions and give you feedback on your NFTs.

Learn more about using Discord for your marketing purposes.


Selling your NFTs on Social Media is a difficult task. But, if you put in the work and grow your community of enthusiasts. You can expect a return for your effort.

NFTs are popularized and developed by the community of enthusiasts in the platform.

Make sure to receive the feedback and opinions of your community before creating your next batch of digital artwork.

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