Snapchat Digital Marketing to Capture the Next Trend


Increase your outreach using a Snapchat Digital Marketing plan to grow your audience.

Snapchat is not always the right choice of digital marketing channel for all businesses alike.

The Snapchat demographic is composed of teens, young adults that use it for entertainment.

But this can also be helpful for businesses who grow with trends and are looking to appeal to millennials or gen-z.

Since the platform has been the preferred choice for those below their mid-30s.

Snapchat is used by 280 million people every day, and snapchatters spend over 30 minutes a day on the platform.

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of how snapchat works, let’s look at how to implement a Snapchat promotion strategy for our digital marketing plan.

Implementing a Snapchat Digital Marketing Plan

In order to execute your marketing plan on Snapchat, you need to do some basic research on the platform, as you would anywhere else.

The following practices are resourceful, when keeping track of and pushing your marketing efforts:

Snapchat Analytics

Snapchat Analytics Overview to use on a Digital Marketing Plan

Snapchat Analytics Overview (Source: Marketing-Interactive)

Analytics in Snapchat is available within the platform, for businesses to gain insights on their brand. Find out how much time users spend viewing your stories, the reach your content goes to within snapchat and more.

Also you can get an idea of the demographics that base interest on your product or post. Knowing this, will help to identify key aspects of your business to improvise on based on snapchatters feedback’s and reviews.

Snapchat Stories

Snapchat Stories example with a zesty beverage can

Snapchat stories used by brands. (Source: Snapchat)

In order to engage your audience with your Snapchat Digital Marketing plan. You have to be sure to constantly feed them with visual information.

Stories provide engaging visual content for the content hungry youth.

You can constantly keep your followers informed of your brands existence and get them to know your value in their life.

Basically Stories is like free-advertising consented by the viewers. Everything your brand has to offer and anything it wants to share can be done in a story.

Artificial Reality

Interacting with digital content is what moves the audience in your snapchat marketing plan.

Snapchat is like no other social media platform, in the sense that it’s built for innovation, and always comes up with the most trendiest technology first.

Snapchat Lens Studio User Interface

Snapchat Lens Studio User Interface. (Source: Snapchat)

With their augmented reality development platform Lens Studio businesses and creators can create interactive material to virtually interact with through their platform.

FarFetch Apparel, a Luxury Brand that targets the youth, have teamed up with the Snapchat team along with Prada to create the AR Try-On Feature.

FarFetch Apparel Promotional Advertisement on Snapchat AR Try-On

Snapchat AR Try-on (Source: FarFetch)

This feature as you can see from the image above allows a user to try-on products of the brand virtually without having to visit the store and individually pick up and look through inventory.

This has helped consumers during the pandemic to test out new products before purchase, and has saved the trouble of fitting on everything individually for the buyer.

Although, regardless of the pandemic, features that are cutting-edge like this are what define the Snapchat platform, and it’s what the users of the platform are looking for.

Well Guided Digital Marketing Strategy on Snapchat

Although snapchat is a platform focused in on creating youthful content that is out of this world.

The platform still requires brands working on it to follow guidelines and adhere to instructions when promoting or creating content.

If your brand wants to create a sponsored AR Lens be sure to check out Snapchats policy on branding guidelines.

And if you’re a physically based business that wants to create filters which work only within a region, you can do so using Snapchats Geofilters.

But keep in mind that Snapchat has a process for handling branded filter requests.

In Conclusion

Using a Snapchat Digital Marketing strategy can be resourceful for developing your brands presence amongst the trendy youth of the 21st century.

But also be sure to abide by the design and marketing process in applying this strategy to your business. If your brand is not suitable for the typical Snapchatter, you’d have better luck promoting it on Facebook or Instagram.

Snapchat is popular, because it always feels and seems new. So make sure your brand keep refreshing itself as well.

In order to capture the new trend in Snapchat, always make your brand consistently fresh and new. Make sure to allow your consumers to feel excited by your product.

So the lesson to learn from this article is that your Brand needs to be consistent in being fresh always, to use a Snapchat Digital Marketing Plan.

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