YouTube Thumbnail Psychology to get more views


In order to grow your YouTube channel your thumbnail needs to be expressive. Huge YT stars like Pewdiepie, Mr. Beast, Dude Perfect and etc. use a unique thumbnail design that is almost exclusive for their channels and their audiences.

In order to grow your YouTube channel, you must be able to find your audiences tastes.

And for this you need to focus on the psychographics of your audiences. Don’t know what that is? We’ve got an article here explaining it as well.

Expressing your creativity

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If your channel is ad-hoc and doesn’t actually serve a singular purpose, then, you’re already missing out on the most important matter that will allow you to grow your channel through thumbnails, which is your creative niche.

Your creative niche MUST come as an extension from your content, and shouldn’t be too diverse.

You need to be able to apply the psychological appeal your audience gets from watching your videos to your thumbnails as well.

Which is why a creative thumbnail that expresses your thoughts is important.

Chances are that your videos hardly get recommended to viewers across the platform given the heavy competition.

But, don’t lose hope just yet, there’s always going to be an initial momentum for every single video where YouTube recommends your videos to viewers for long-term viewing prospects.

This creates an opening for your videos to get exposed, but not clicked or viewed. At this point your only go to tools are the SEO in your YouTube title and also, most importantly the Thumbnail Design.

Youtube Thumbnail Design: What’s right and what’s wrong

Youtube Thumbnail pros and cons displayed symbolised using a feedback sheet on a piece of paper

Although there can never be a straightforward template or design approach to a thumbnail, there can still be some guidelines of how your YT Thumbnails can be.

And here are some of them:-

  • Be Straightforward : Your YouTube videos typically should be around the center of a main subject, make sure that your thumbnails showcase that as well.
  • Use as little text as possible : Explaining to the user about your videos subject is great, but try avoiding over explaining it and keep your text on the thumbnails only relevant to the video. Sometimes a single word expressing a video will also work, such using the word “Relatable” or “Latest” to explain something in the thumbnail.
  • Use the most common images : If your channel is about introducing or reviewing products and services. Try using the most common picture of that product / service to grab the attention of a user.
  • Show your face (especially your expressions) : Face perception is a human instinct that we humans have adopted and are consistently using it subconsciously. Revealing your face creates a sense of personal connection with your audience. But keeping a level of mystery does help as well, you just need to judge this based on your audiences tastes and your niche as well.

In Conclusion

Your audience is your only and main concern when it comes to taking over YouTube. If you don’t take them into mind, before they even subscribe to your channel, you’ll never gain their trusts.

So, learn how to show expression and make sure that you’re more personally connected to your audiences. Good luck with your channel.

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