Facebook Audience Targeting using Psychographics


Audience Targeting on Facebook is one of the most sort out techniques in Facebook Advertising that Digital Marketers look for. Given that Facebook has more than 2.8+ Billion MAU’s (Monthly Active Users) as of August 2021, according to Statista. So that makes it an ideal kpi reading for businesses to target advertising on the platform.

In this article, we’re going to go through the process of identifying and narrowing down our Audience to promote our campaigns to. And also to identify what best metrics to target our audience.

Psychographics Based Audience Targeting on Facebook

Psychographics is the classification of an audience or a group of people based on psychographic variables. This can be information such as their political point of view, personal values, attitude and etc.

In Facebook, you have access to many parameters and metrics, such as political views, personal interests, lifestyle values and etc. to identify and target your ideal audience. So you can make use of these psychographics for targeting to the right audience on Facebook.

Types of Facebook Audiences

The Three Types of Facebook Audiences displayes as hexagons with labels on a paper texture. There are three types of Facebook audiences for targeting, and each help to build and develop your brand awareness. Let’s take a look at each below:

Saved Audience

Saved Audiences are those who you can identify from demographic information such as age, location, gender and etc. These data points can lead to targeting the right audience for your facebook ad campaigns. Make sure to highlight these requirements when creating your facebook ad campaigns, to make sure that you find the right audience.

Custom Audience

You may have an audience already built up on your website, mobile app or any other platform that you attract people to organically. Don’t let them go to waste, by implementing a “Like us on Facebook” box or a pop-up, depending on your priorities. You can pick up on these audiences and get them to subscribe to your platform, so that they would stay track with your platforms activities on Facebook.

Look-Alike Audience

Now this is where your skills as an advertiser comes into play. Since you’ve got your saved audience and custom audience on track. You can now make use of the identified psychographics from these measures and implement a campaign to find a look-alike audience. This can help to scale your facebook audience and helps with identifying and targeting the right members for your platform.

Ideal Facebook Audience Targeting Range

When using facebook advertising you’re provided with an estimate audience range for targeting your ad campaigns. And for small-to-medium businesses, this is normally around 500,000 to 1,000,000.

The reason why we estimate the target audience size for advertising on Facebook around this range, is because it hits the sweet spot for your campaigns, here’s why.

Your campaigns should be in an accurate range, and shouldn’t be too huge. 1,000,000 is the most you can target with an individual campaign, because any number over this would require Facebook to push your campaigns unto people who’re less likely to click. And in contrast 500,000 is the least number of people who you can push your campaigns to. This is because your audience needs to be visually attracted to your adverts, whether they’re display or text ads.

So, in order to keep your audience at the right spot, you should try not to max out on your audience size, whilst also not narrowing it down too much so that your audience would not receive your ad well.

Audience smaller than 500,000

If your business is a local business or doesn’t have a audience large enough to fulfill the 500k mark. Well, we would recommend to keep them at the highest possible audience range that you can find without reducing the audience on your facebook ad campaigns that you’re targeting. Be sure to include proper context that reflects the click ability of your ad campaigns. Make sure to find the right visual materials and content to write on your display ad campaigns. Also it could help greatly to keep track of the most common psychometrics in your narrow audience to create the content that you utilize for your target audience.


Hopefully this article was able to answer an important question for your business and that you’re better off now than you were before reading this. The key principle in this is to identify the right target market for your business, and strategize on how to grow that audience, its important to narrow down your campaigns. Don’t end up over-optimizing your ad campaigns.

Thank you for reading this article, hope you’ve enjoyed it. Be sure to look around the blog to find more interesting content to read, cheers.

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