Instagram Reels in Business – Marketing for Millennials


Instagram Reels is Instagram’s take on the TikTok style video production and content development, and is used by marketers to grow their business amongst millennials and gen-z.

Similar to TikTok, you can upload a 15-30 second video on Reels as content for your followers.

But, the difference between both platforms is the atmosphere that surrounds each. As you know Instagram is a tried-and-tested platform, and has proven to be efficient at taking down competition.

TikTok is not weak in comparison of social clout by any means. The newest generation of Gen-Z and Millennials have been using the platform for a really long time. And have found entertainment and comfort in the platform.

Also, given the fact that most Millennials and Gen-Z’s, use the platform for short videos. Instagram decided to come up with the idea of Reels to rival TikTok.

Introducing Reels

Instagram Reels for Business Marketing

Reels is Instagram’s answer to the TikTok For-You page, which recommends videos to users based on what they’ve viewed.

You can consider Reels as a continuous content delivery method for creators and brands. In Instagram Reels you can collectively grow your business.

Some of the key reasons that brands are flocking to Reels over other platforms, is due to conversion.

Since Instagram already has a large user base. It’s an efficient platform for businesses that have established themselves in it to engage their existing followers using Reels.

10 Rules for Instagram Reels Success

But anyways, the idea behind reels is to support the creation of user-friendly content that follows some of these guidelines:

  • Fun – Your content must be fun to enjoy. Try to grab peoples attention in the initial moments of your content.
  • Inspiration – Your content should inspire the audience to grow their interests in whatever it’s you’re promoting to them.
  • Effects – Use cool effects and brilliant color scheming within your videos to ensure that your content is exciting the viewers attention.
  • Quality – Instagram punishes those who re-share TikTok videos and other watermarked content on their platform by reducing their potential views in the algorithm.
  • Vertical Video – Instagram prefers to have vertical videos for their platforms, since horizontal videos are not as easy to recreate.
  • Music – Using music from the Instagram music library or the original audio (made by your business), and even in the Reels Audio Library.
  • Border – The thing most people hate on videos, short or long, is that when creators make them they tend to overdo it, example by using borders, try to make your visuals more attractive.
  • Too Much Text – Your Instagram Reels Videos shouldn’t have too much text in it, focus on creating educational content, rather than promotional.
  • Accessible – If your content is crucial to the viewer, such as if you’re explaining short recipes, its best to create captions that are accessible for muted users and the deaf/hard-to-hear.
  • Experimental – Make sure to give the features and opportunities that Instagram has to offer as a means to explore the platforms creative spectrum.

Asides from these facts it’s also important to take note of Instagram’s general community guidelines.

Instagram Reels Marketing in Business

To promote your product, you need to setup a strategy, calculate the input resource efficiency. Overall, you need to exact the cost of promoting in a platform.

The most common feature of Reels is to create engagement. This can be done using strategies such as creating challenges for followers, branded filters and etc.

You can also employ a Branded Hashtag approach to your business in Instagram Reels to make your Business grow.

Authentic Content

Authenticity in Social Media has become crucial, and brands can no longer afford to distance themselves from their customers any longer.

With many in social media reaching out to a brands social presence, whether it be a Facebook or Instagram Page, Twitter Account or reviewing them on Google reviews.

Consumers nowadays are vocal about their opinions, be it positive or negative. So when a brand reaches back and communicates with a business. It makes them want to become more loyal to that brand.

With this in mind, when it comes to sharing your content on Instagram Reels, make sure to make it more authentic and humanly, don’t try to use too much jargon on your posts.

Try to make your content speak in a friendly-note to your followers.


If your brand is an essential service, or can be used to help make your consumers life more productive.

Then you can create a content plan to help educate your users on the methods in which your product can help them.

Try giving explanations about your product and help to explain what your product can do to service their daily purposes.

But also, be sure to be direct and simple in explaining about your products, given the short duration of the videos, you should try to make your video more compact and easy to follow.

Videos that explain the companies story and the journey it took to come this far is always exciting. Try making case studies in short and simple videos that explain your businesses vision on Instagram Reels.

Reels Shopping

Instagram Shopping screenshots from the iOS app

Promote your products on Instagram reels by using e-commerce features such as the ability to link your products to your reels post.

You can also use micro-influencers to promote your product on the platform and tag them back to your products, to identify the effectiveness of your campaigns.

And you’re not limited to using just Reels to promote your business in Instagram. But you can also use the other services that Instagram offers such as IGTV, Stories and Feed posts to promote and sell your product.

Instagram Shopping, the social media platform has become a driving force behind sales for top brands from across the world.

And that’s all folks… Hope you’ve enjoyed this article and if you’re interested in reading more fun content, check out some of our other posts.

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